Tips for Healthy Hair

Hair problems are one of the most commonly occurring health concerns that most people complain about these days. The commonly occurring hair diseases include hair thinning, dandruff, itchy scalp, Alopecia Areata and more importantly male and female pattern baldness. Many physical, mental, emotional and environmental reasons contribute towards these issues. Environmental pollution and stress are the major contributors in damaging the health of the hair. Most people spend and waste a lot of money in buying anti hair loss products and don’t really get to the root cause.  Incorporating some simple healthy hair care habits in your daily routine and using natural & herbal products can restore hair health.

Keep your hair and scalp clean

Continuous and unpredictable weather changes ask for extra care of the hair. Humidity, the harmful rays of the sun and sweating all contribute towards hair and scalp damage. They can also remove the natural luster of the hair and cause extra shedding.  Daily hair washing can keep your hair and scalp cleaner, it is not advisable to shampoo daily, however one can rinse hair properly with clean water to get rid of the oil and sweat that builds up in the scalp.

Brush your hair properly

According to researchers and experts, daily brushing of hair is one of the vital practices to maintain healthy hair. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and provides the roots of the hair proper nutrients and oxygen. It is also helpful in removing the impurities and waste materials that get attached to the scalp and leads to diseases. It is also believed that brushing your hair on a daily basis helps in the improved activity of oil producing glands so that the natural oil levels of the scalp can be restored.

Use Chemical Free Products

Whatever brand of hair products one is using, it is important to be mindful and knowledgeable of the ingredients that are being used. The quality and amount of the ingredients that are being used in the processing of the product play a significant role as they directly affect your hair health and vitality.

Avoid using heating elements on the hair

Many women use blow dryers, curlers or hair straighteners for hair styling. All these products give so much heat to the hair that the protein called keratin of which the hair is made of,  gets damaged and the hair loses their natural structure which cannot be restored. So, it recommended to not to use them frequently.

Massage your hair

Proper nourishment, tender, love and care is what your hair needs on a daily basis. Regular herbal hair oil massages increases blood and oxygen supply towards the roots and hair follicles which stimulate hair growth. It is recommendable to massage the hair with preservative free herbal hair oil one night before washing hair or at least 2-3 hours before shampooing.  This practice relaxes your nerves, releases stress, give you good sleep, and most of all leaves your hair soft , smooth, silky and strong.

Eat healthy food

Shiny, moist and smooth hair emanates good health. Conversely, dry, dull and brittle hair might signify potential nutritional deficiencies. Our hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body, growing at a rate of one-half inch per month. Thus, the nutrients we consume on a daily basis can influence the health of our hair. Eating a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids can help optimize the texture of our hair.

There are many other lifestyle habits one can incorporate to boost hair health and vitality.  However, if one learns to take baby steps first and incorporate some or all of these daily hair care tips, one will already experience a healthy and natural hair transformation.

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